Imaginary client time, self imposed brief!

The colours available when you look at the Northern Lights are without doubt amazing, blues, green, purples and pinks, organic forms all set against the dark, empty sky unpolluted by city lights and endless.

The harsh mountains that haven’t moved for billions of years against the greeny blue organic shapes constantly and for ever moving in the endless sky. 

Wow where did that come from!  

Form follows function is a principle of design associated with late 19th and early 20th century architecture and industrial design in general, which states that the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose.


This design just started form one afternoon in the dark cold days of February in early 2022. We had had a week of three named storms and a forth slightly lesser storm. The horizontal rain was lashing down and winds were reaching record breaking velocity. 

I sat here thinking is there anywhere in the world where this weather could be considered normal, and yes there is!

I have actually always wanted to and someday will visit Norway and the Arctic Circle. 

And then, whilst having a quick look on google images daydreaming at images of Norway, the Arctic, the Northern lights etc I decided to design something that just looked fantastic, but also with the knowledge that I could build it with no trouble.

As a designer form and function should always go hand in hand but quite ofter, it seems, that form will take slightly second place, but this time putting form before function for once, making up content, hence the nature of the random madeup statistics and just playing around with the graphics, always of course, creating elements that are meaningful and relevant.